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Tyndall AFB Repairs and Demolition

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In the wake of Hurricane Michael, ParsCo LLC remains ready to support the recovery efforts at Tyndall AFB. 

Our active abatement/demolition contract that ParsCo has is: #FA481917D4012/FA481917F1054.

If in the best interest of the government we are prepared to activate immediately for demolition or debris clearing activities.

Additionally, as an 8(a) General Contractor we are prepared to support any level of the following activities:

  • Debris Mitigation
  • Rapid Temporary Repairs (Temporary Roofing, Windows, Doors, etc)
  • Water Intrusion Mitigation
  • Mold Remediation
  • Facility Condition Assessments
  • Permanent Facility Repairs (Roofing)
  • Facility Demolition
  • Design Build or Bid Build Construction Requirements

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Panama City Disaster and Construction Services

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ParsCo is ready to help with Panama City NWFL disaster recovery efforts. ParsCo is strategically headquartered in Pensacola, Florida.

The ParsCo Disaster Response Team Members have been involved in over $30 million dollars worth of disaster related claims and re-construction projects.

ParsCo understands the needs of our clients, especially when they have been affected by Hurricane Michael.

ParsCo addresses those times with a sense of urgency, providing our clients with lots of attention and the utmost responsiveness. Time is of the essence, and a short delay in response can mean all the difference in construction costs, and the client’s ability to function as a business.

Panama City Disaster General Contractor
Tyndall AFB Disaster General Contractor
Rosemary Beach Disaster General Contractor
Seagrove Beach Disaster General Contractor

Founded in 2005, Pars-Co, is an emergency restoration and General Contractor specializing in repairing commercial and residential properties in the Southeast.

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Homeowners Guide to Retrofitting

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As a homeowner, you need clear information about the options that are available to reduce flood damage to your home and straightforward guidance on selecting the option that is best for you.

Quite often this is a difficult task.

First, you need to know what damage-reduction methods are available, the degree to which they work, how much they cost and whether they meet your needs.

Retrofitting means making changes to an existing building to protect it from flooding or other hazards such as high winds and earthquakes.

Six Ways to Protect Your Home From Flooding

Elevation is raising your home so that the lowest floor is above the flood level. This is the most common way to avoid flood damage.

Wet floodproofing makes uninhabited parts of your home resistant to flood damage when water is allowed to enter during flooding.

Relocation means moving your home to higher ground where the exposure to flooding is eliminated altogether.

Dry floodproofing is sealing your home to prevent flood waters from entering.

Levee and floodwall protection means constructing barriers to prevent flood waters from entering your home.

Demolition means razing your home and rebuilding properly on the same property or buying a home elsewhere.

FEMA P-312,¬†Homeowner’s Guide to Retrofitting: Six Ways To Protect Your Home From Flooding, provides information that will help you decide whether your house is a candidate for retrofitting.

If you need additional assistance, contact us.


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Join Us: Meet The Builder

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Meet The Builder Encore Homes by ParsCo Pensacola
In conjunction with the Home Builders Association of West Florida, join Encore Homes by ParsCo at New World Landing in Downtown Pensacola Florida on September 20th from 1 pm to 5 pm and explore the many subcontracting opportunities we have available.

We will be accepting applications.

**You must be an associate member of the Home Builders Association of West Florida to attend “Meet the Builder”.

Questions?  Contact Us

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Medal of Honor Memorial Hurlburt Field

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ParsCo is building a memorial at Hurlburt Field in Florida to honor those few that have been awarded the Medal of Honor. More details soon.

Tech Sgt John Chapman

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. (AFNS) — The White House announced July 27, 2018, that Air Force Tech. Sgt. John Chapman will be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his extraordinary heroism during the Battle of Takur Ghar, Afghanistan, in March 2002.

According to the Medal of Honor nomination, Chapman distinguished himself on the battlefield through ‚Äúconspicuous gallantry and intrepidity,‚ÄĚ sacrificing his life to preserve those of his teammates. …Read More Here

The Medal of Honor is the nation’s most prestigious military decoration.

It is awarded by the president, in the name of Congress, to military members who have distinguished themselves conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life, above and beyond the call of duty, while engaged in action with an enemy of the United States.

Chapman will be the 19th Airman awarded the Medal of Honor since the Department of the Air Force was established in 1947. He will be the first Airman recognized with the medal for heroic actions occurring after the Vietnam War.

The video of The video of Medal of Honor nominee Tech. Sgt Chapman’s heroic last stand is now online at AirForceTimes.com

Medal of Honor 24 SOW Hurlburt

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Villegas Medical Surgery Center

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ParsCo is renovating the Villegas Medical Surgery Center in Pensacola Florida.

Dr. Leo Villegas is a board certified surgeon who trained at Harvard Medical School and completed a two-year hepatobiliary and surgical oncology fellowship at Duke University. He specializes in the advanced surgical treatment of liver, pancreatic and gastrointestinal tumors. Based in Pensacola,he provides multidisciplinary care for patients who previously would have had to travel outside the area for care.

Dr. Villegas conducted research at Duke in laparoscopy and the use of robotics to minimize invasive surgery. He uses his specialized training in laparoscopic surgery to perform the least invasive procedure possible. Laparoscopic surgical treatment is an alternative to radiation and has been found to enhance quality of life and minimize recovery time.

We are proud to provide an updated Surgery Center for Dr. Villegas.

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