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Address: 700 N. Devilliers, Pensacola, FL 32501 - Phone: (850) 696-7656 - info@pars-co.net - License #: CGC1512307

About Us

A company is only as strong as the people it employs. You might expect a construction firm to say our most valuable assets are bulldozers, backhoes, or cranes. But people make ParsCo who we are and our people are exceptional. ParsCo hires and retains the best people in the industry by providing a challenging work environment and superior compensation. This commitment to our people ensures that ParsCo can provide you with the consistent, superior service you expect and deserve. When you work with ParsCo you work with proven professionals – highly experienced, energetic and extraordinarily dedicated individuals who are committed to understanding and meeting your needs.

Our History

Amir Michael Fooladi began his career in construction in 1994. He attended the University of Texas – El Paso for Civil Engineering and graduated with Honors from the University of Southern Mississippi in Construction Engineering. Having already worked for some of the largest General Contractor’s in the nation, he had a clear vision of what he wanted: a company with a core of skilled professionals that could consistently deliver the highest level of construction expertise to clients.

Today, ParsCo provides the highest level of construction consulting expertise to clients all over the country, while still upholding the standards and techniques Amir prized so highly from the beginning. ParsCo is proud to be a pure reflection of his vision.

We know the blueprint for the successful execution of a project is as important as the blueprint for the project itself. That’s why we develop accurate construction plans, as well as efficient and cost-saving construction management methods. We perform all tasks with our own team of skilled professionals, and effectively manage our clients projects during construction.

We stick to our timetables and complete tasks on schedule. We constantly encourage feedback from our in-house team, as well as our clients.

Above all, we never lose sight of the fact our most important partner is you.

Our Mission

ParsCo aims to provide professional services of such high quality and value that first time clients become long-term partners.

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