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Construction Management

We offer Construction Management (CM) At-Risk and CM-Agent services in the residential, commercial, heavy civil, industrial, and environmental sectors. We are equipped to handle the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. ParsCo provides the management to produce a functionally and financially viable project utilizing.

Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling

The saying that “time is money” probably originated in the construction industry. We recognize that accurately plotting the critical path of the project schedule is a key element in not only ensuring the timely completion of a project, but also helps as a method to control costs. Because of this understanding CPM scheduling is the cornerstone of ParsCo’s services. Using our software programs, we provide project scheduling during the design phase for development of the initial schedule, the assessment of project duration, and the planning of critical project activities. During the construction phase the schedule becomes a living document that is continually updated and can be used for monitoring construction activities, analysis of changed conditions and delays, and the evaluation of their impact on project completion. During the post-construction phase the schedule can be used for project close-out and analysis of any subcontractor claims.

Cost Estimating

Construction costs are in a constant state of flux. This uncertainty can impact the profitability of any construction or renovation project and thereby introduce one more element of risk to the project. Using ParsCo’s proprietary estimating software systems, the Chief Estimator for ParsCo, has the expertise earned from successfully pricing tens-of ­millions of dollars in competitively bid contracts. This real world experience allows him to correctly estimate the costs for all specialties of work and for all phases of a project and in so doing reduce any cost related risk associated with the project.

Value Engineering

Construction and renovation projects are subject to numerous external forces including material availability, price escalation, and labor constraints. To counter or reduce the effects of these forces ParsCo can perform a value engineering analysis to determine if there are better or less expense materials or methods that can be used to reduce the cost or construction schedule for a project or to increase the quality of the completed facility.

Constructability Review

Owners, architects and general contractors want confidence that the contract and construction documents used for their project are clear in their intent, and the project is buildable at a reasonable cost, within a reasonable time. Errors and omissions to these documents have historically accounted for more than half of all change orders. A constructability review from ParsCo can eliminate these potentially costly change orders from your construction or renovation project. While it is best to have the review performed at each phase of the design process to eliminate errors and omissions as they occur, we can also do a review at the end of the design process to ensure constructability of the final design.


Construction inspection is a specialized field that requires planning and coordination to ensure that the final product is constructed in accordance with plans and specifications. ParsCo can minimize the risks associated with construction while ensuring that new and renovated facilities can be constructed according to the plans and specifications and completed on time and on budget.

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