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Address: 700 N. Devilliers, Pensacola, FL 32501 - Phone: (850) 696-7656 - info@pars-co.net - License #: CGC1512307


ParsCo has extensive experience as a real estate developer and working with developers in making projects a reality and success. We start by selecting suitable sites and then help with sourcing the funding for such projects. The strategic leadership experience of the ParsCo team helps customers with market analysis and positioning that make projects successful. We also take care of risk assessment and mitigation, while guiding the team through the design and pre-construction process. We believe in order to have a good plan, you must pre-plan the plan. That starts with consulting with customers about the program requirements, and then guiding the design team through the conceptual, schematic and design development phases so it results in a set of construction documents that can be built for the project budget. We proactively bring in value engineering from the very beginning of the planning process – a solid plan that delivers the final outcome within budget and on-time.

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