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6 Steps to dealing with an Insurance Claim

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When it comes time to file your insurance claim, it is important to understand the process and make the repairs as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Insurance companies don’t always stick to their duty when it comes to “indemnifying” their customers.  The adjusters they hire can limit claims and in the end you are left with a substandard repair/replacement because the claim was not adjusted properly.   While many of adjusters/insurance companies are honest and reputable, some are not. Below is a recommended list of 6 steps to take in order to protect yourself when navigating the insurance claim process:

1. Contact ParsCo and have a ParsCo Project Manager assigned to your claim. ParsCo will make an estimate of the damage and repair costs for your property. By having this estimate you will be able to have a negotiation tool when dealing with the adjuster assigned by your insurance company.

2. The first thing you should request from a contractor before any work is done is their references. When looking for a contractor, consider one that has the experience and construction know-how when it comes to dealing with insurance claims.   Most importantly, make sure the contractor is licensed and carries liability and workers compensation insurance and request proof. If the contractor is not insured, you may be liable for accidents that occur on your property.

3. Be very diligent about reading any papers the adjuster wants you to sign.  Often the insurance adjuster will make you sign a final release prior to releasing monies.  If you sign this, then you will not be entitled to supplemental claims.  This is important because often the extent of the damages can’t be determined until the contractor begins work.

4. Pay attention to how much the adjuster suggests you spend on temporary repairs. While payments for reasonable temporary repairs are covered as part of the total insurance claim settlement, you don’t want to pay too large a sum for temporary repairs, since this may deplete the total amount of money you will need for the permanent repairs to be completed. Furthermore, avoid contractors who offer you unrealistically low estimates.

5. Always obtain a copy of the adjusters construction cost estimate.  It is important to review this and a ParsCo Project Manager can provide a detailed estimate to cross reference and make sure the scopes of work match up.

6. Keep a job file of all communications with your adjuster and all papers related to work being done. This file should include all correspondence, approvals to proceed with temporary repairs, hours/time spent cleaning up, receipts/bills, etc…

Contact ParsCo at 850-776-6265 if you need further assistance or wish to begin the process on your insurance claim.

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