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Benefits of using a Pre-Engineered Metal Building

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ParsCo Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings – Gulf Coast Pensacola, Navarre, Destin, Mobile, Panama City, Southeast Region-  contact ParsCo at 850-696-7656 or email us at info@pars-co.net

In a rapidly changing economy, owners, builders, and architects are looking at a wide variety of options to get the most for their dollar. ParsCo Pre-engineered metal buildings offer a cost-effective, sustainable, long-term solution to our clients that are looking to maximize square footage on a tight budget.

ParsCo employs a top-notch drafting and engineering team skilled in Computer aided design and drafting (CADD).  ParsCo’s design team members are able to use our state-of-the-art computer tools to custom design each building system and all building components based on each customer’s needs and specifications.

Every ParsCo Metal Building is based on local and national building codes making each metal building system to be engineered to the required dimensions and designed to meet the loading conditions that are required based on the location of the project. Once the building is designed and detailed, computerized instructions are sent to the fabrication plant where steel members are cut to exact standards. That precision custom manufacturing also reduces construction waste.

Metal buildings are extremely versatile and traditionally have been used in the commercial and industrial market segments as warehouses, distribution centers and industrial facilities. They’re making inroads into other markets, however, such as churches, schools, shopping centers, office buildings and other commercial and mixed-use facilities.  The flexibility of using a ParsCo metal building as your frame and structure saves customers money and the savings can be used towards upgrading the facade and interiors to meet the clients needs.

The structures can incorporate many architectural finishes—including masonry, brick, tilt-up, ornamental metal or stucco façades—while still being cost competitive. Basic elements reign across all metal buildings: primary rigid frames, secondary members (wall girts and roof purlins), cladding and bracing. All of those elements work together to create an efficient system. Engineered systems also withstand extreme loading from disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

The buildings also are a good fit for developers, many of whom are starting to look at buildings as long-term investments. Due to the permanence, durability, stability and quality of metal buildings, life cycles can reach up to 100 years. Metal buildings can also help meet green initiatives. About 35 percent of steel used in buildings comes from recycled products and steel is 100 percent recyclable. In addition, metal buildings are easy to insulate and, when paired with cool roofing, can help lower heating and cooling costs.

If you are interested in a Pre-Engineered Metal Building contact ParsCo at 850-696-7656 or email us at info@pars-co.net

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