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Construction Feasibility and Cost Engineering Reviews

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Cost Management and Construction Feasibility Reviews are critical components in design.  Unfortunately, many design professionals and Owners don’t recognize the benefits until it is too late and their project is either shelved or undergoes a complete redesign. It is frustrating for Owner’s, Design Professionals, and even Contractors when money is spent on a design that doesn’t meet the budget. That is why a ParsCo professional is essential to the equation. 

Our cost engineers participate in the program from its inception, evaluating financial considerations from the planning phase through close-out. We work with the client to ensure the program budget is based on accurate funding estimates and expected program costs. Our estimators and schedulers work together to anticipate when program milestones will be met, and what monies will be coming in and going out as a result. In addition, we regularly conduct risk and cost analyses to determine the probability that a project or effort will stay within budget.

Cost Estimating and Cost Engineering for Designers

The early establishment of a quantified, accurate and structured project budget, coupled with ongoing interactive budget monitoring and reporting, leads to a cost conscious design team capable of responding to budget constraints without adversely impacting the project or wasting precious time and the Owner’s money on a design that can’t be built. 

Our cost engineers are experts at developing all types of cost estimates, at all stages of design, including:

  • Order-of-magnitude/program estimates
  • Conceptual estimates
  • Schematic estimates
  • Alternative design cost analyses
  • Design development estimates
  • Construction documents estimates
  • Bid analyses/contract negotiations
Most recently ParsCo was contacted to provide a last minute construction feasibility estimate for a small new project in Gulf Breeze, FL. The design team recognized the value in knowing prior to bid time whether the design would meet the County’s limited budget constraints. ParsCo helped this customer by providing an overall price based on unfinished and incomplete design drawings which allowed the design team to modify and steer the design to meet the budget constraints. 

Photo renderings by STOA

Tiger Point Community Center

  • Location: Gulf Breeze, Florida
  • Cost: $1,097,000
  • Square Footage: 10,388
  • Client: Santa Rosa County

Project Description: STOA Architects partnered with Atkins Global to design a state-of-the-art community center and stand alone concessions for the Tiger Point community. STOA worked closely with the County to design a modern, functional, low maintenance design for the county and its residents. ParsCo provided cost engineering to assist the design team in making this beautiful design a reality for the customer. 

Construction Management

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