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Construction Science

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An interesting thought crossed my mind today while meeting with a client and numerous subcontractors for a new project as we considered and studied the design for a new project: Is construction a science?

When I returned to the office I looked up the definition of “science” and found:


  1. The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural…
knowledge – learning – lore – skill 

After reading this I realized that construction is indeed a “science”. There is a methodology and it requires skill, knowledge, and a clear understanding of the systems requires to complete the project.
This being true does this mean that all builders could be considered “scientists”?

Most people feel like tackling small projects around their house makes them a “builder” but can they construct a high-rise building? Is there not a level of expertise when it comes to building and constructing a project?

ParsCo has constructed high-rise projects with over 28 floors and exceeding 280 ft in height. With over $500 million in construction experience, wouldn’t it be prudent to trust ParsCo with your next project, no matter the size?


Just a thought….

If you are in need of “construction scientists” contact ParsCo for the best and greatest skill and experience level for all your construction needs. 

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