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Did you know? ParsCo Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Southeast

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It is very likely that you go into a pre-engineered metal building more often than you know as you go about your normal shopping routine.   Multiple national retailers with  household names  use this type of building for many of their stores. Also many office buildings, retail spaces, and churches utilize this type of building system but you would never know it. 

No limit to design and use
Today’s pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) can be churches, community centers, aircraft hangers, schools or sports arenas.  The structures can incorporate many architectural finishes—including masonry, brick, tilt-up, ornamental metal or stucco façades—while still being cost competitive. Basic elements apply to all metal buildings: primary rigid frames, secondary members (wall girts and roof purlins), cladding and bracing. All of those elements work together to create an efficient building system. Engineered systems are designed to code and withstand extreme loading from disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. 

 What is a PEMB?
“Pre-Engineered” is no longer an accurate term.  All these buildings are “custom” engineered using automated design programs.  The building is fabricated at the manufacturer’s plant and assembled at the client’s site.  Metal building system manufacturers use computer tools to custom design each building system and all building components based on each customer’s needs and specifications. 


ParsCo is the preferred Southeast Region PEMB builder and is certified by Varco Pruden to perform the erection of these buildings.  The Varco Pruden Building System is much more than just components.  It is the complete building system including design, detailing, drawings, manufacture and warranty.  

Based on local and national building codes, each metal building system is engineered to the required dimensions and designed to meet the loading conditions with the specified material. Once the building is designed and detailed, computerized instructions are sent to the fabrication plant where steel members are cut to exact standards. This precision custom manufacturing also reduces construction waste.

Made using metals,  PEMB’s have always been GREEN!   Conventional buildings are constructed using bricks, sand and cement which results in environmental pollution. Steel buildings are environmentally friendly and can also help meet green initiatives.  Up to 75 percent of steel used in metal buildings comes from recycled products and steel is 100 percent recyclable. Further, there is no requirement for any kind of welding process for construction, which helps save energy. These buildings are pre-drilled, pre-cut and pre-welded. The roofing systems are designed to meet LEED requirements for solar reflectance and heat emissivity.   


PEMB’s have longevity
Due to the permanence, durability, stability and quality of metal buildings, life cycles can reach up to 100 years. In addition, metal buildings are easy to insulate and, when paired with cool roofing, can help lower heating and cooling costs.  Steel does not rot, warp, shrink or split – and it is non-combustible.  Any PEMB that by it’s appearance is obviously a metal structure (such as a storage facility or airplane hanger) will come with a long lasting finish.  For example they can be made from Galvalume or coated with Kynar which typically carries a 40 year warranty. Therefore even PEMB’s with an exposed metal skin will not require maintenance such as painting. 

As the design, engineering  and fabrication of the new building is done at the manufactures facility, the pre fabricated components are shipped to the site for immediate erection.  Typically this is performed by local crews certified and trained by the manufacturer. 

As noted earlier in this blog, these buildings are eminently suitable for any type of use and are offered with many exterior wall options, glazing and finishes including masonry, brick, ornamental metal or stucco facade. 


 Contact ParsCo Construction at 850-696-7656 or email us at info@pars-co.net for more information. 

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