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Elements of Design by ParsCo Construction

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Elements of Design with ParsCo Construction

It’s no secret that when ParsCo Construction designs a space many factors come into play. Some of the biggest factors that come into the process are the elements of design. If you do your research on aspects and elements of design, you will know that six significant elements of design are outlined and strongly emphasized. However, just to give you a better idea of what all goes into the intricate process of designing a new space, we’ve broken down the six elements of design into two parts.


The first part of the elements of design with ParsCo Construction:



Beauty, Form and Rhythm.

§             Beauty: The age-old saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” comes to life when ParsCo Construction transforms a mere piece of space into something that truly captures the eye. Many factors go into making a space or area beautiful such as scale and proportion. Paying close attention to detail and keeping functionality in mind, ParsCo Construction is able to expose beauty in just about any project.

§             Form: Being able to create a structure that is not only beautiful but also acts as a functional structure is an important element of design. ParsCo Construction is able to create dramatic and breath-taking structures that also have a high level of functionality.

§             Rhythm: The element of rhythm includes various factors such as repetition and spacing. ParsCo Construction keeps rhythm in mind when working on a project in order to accent and highlight even the smallest of details in a space.


The second half of design elements and how ParsCo Construction succeeds at exemplifying them in every project are as follows: 



Light, Place, and Materials.


§             Light: Taking control of light and how it effects spaces is a specialty of ParsCo Construction. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, light is constantly playing into an area and should be carefully considered when planning out projects. Designing spaces to play up natural light as well as using lighting techniques to highlight your home after the sun goes down are considerations ParsCo Construction always pays attention to.


§             Place: Being considerate of the atmosphere surrounding your home or other space should always play a large role in the planning process. While you do want your home or space to be a sort of haven from the rest of the world, you also want it to blend nicely with the environment surrounding it. ParsCo Construction pays close attention to the exterior as well as the interior of a home or space to ensure that it all comes together as one whole piece.


§             Materials: Last, but certainly not least, are the materials. The idea of materials should not be thought of in a construction sort of way, but more as a vehicle in which beauty, form, light, rhythm and place are all delivered through.


Rest assured that when you work with ParsCo Construction, all of the important aspects of design will not only put taken into consideration, but will shine through in your final project. Contact ParsCo Construction today to learn more about beginning a new project.

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