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ParsCo cold weather construction tips for concrete and masonry work

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With the weather forecasting temperatures to drop below freezing this time of year (even in some Southern States) it is often wise to take precaution to make sure the materials you are working with will be done according to manufacturers recommendations for low weather temps. 
This might mean a higher cost than originally anticipated but it really is worth the extra cost and time planning when you consider the alternative – replacing the work you just completed!
Here are some standard and typical points to consider:
Concrete and Masonry install tips in Cold Weather 
Curing concrete in cold weather can be achieved using different materials depending on the amount of concrete being cured and the surface being protected. These materials when used properly will increase or produce a constant heat of hydration of the concrete. For example:
However, if the temperature is below 20 Degree F, simply skip the idea of placing concrete because it will lead you nowhere as hydration stops completely at such temperatures.
For this reason, ACI Committee 308 recommends the following minimum curing periods:
Curing Concrete in Cold Weather Tips
Try these recommended tips for curing concrete in cold weather:
When working masonry under cold weather follow these material tips.
Mortar Temperatures
Working under cold or freezing temperatures can cause serious problems if not addressed properly. It is important to keep mortar above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. And you should be able to do it following these steps:
It is important to mix mortar in small amount, so it doesn’t cool before it has been used. If temperatures are too low, mortar can be placed on heated surfaces such as metal mortar boards. Be sure to monitor closely mortar temperature to avoid mortar being dried due to excessive heat.
Masonry Cold Weather Tips
The following cold-weather procedures shall be implemented when either the ambient temperature or the temperature of masonry falls below 40ºF.
If you have any questions or need further guidance feel free to contact ParsCo at info@pars-co.net.  
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