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ParsCo Pre-Construction Services

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Important building details are developed long before construction begins on a facility. Having a ParsCo Construction Manager on board early can make a huge difference in the success of a project. A collaborative team can help you make the necessary decisions about the project’s design intent, schedule, budget, materials and more.  

Design Coordination

ParsCo wants to make your job as easy as possible. Our Interdisciplinary Document Coordination (IDC) can do just that by reducing needless requests for information (RFI’s), change orders, and project delays while simultaneously improving relationships among owners, architects, engineers, and contractors.  

IDC is a ParsCo preconstruction service designed to identify, track, and communicate construction document coordination issues to the design and project teams prior to procurement and before construction. By taking a project’s nearly complete construction documents (plans, specifications, and bulletins) and comparing/contrasting them to one another, we can easily identify coordination issues between construction disciplines before procurement.  

Types of Coordination Issues Include: 

  • Physical – Will it hit? Will if fit? (Ducts clashing with steel, above ceiling congestion)  
  • Functional – Does it work? (120V VAV box circuited to a 277/480 Volt panel)  
  • Scope – What does it need to work? (How is the curtain wall attached back to the superstructure?) 
  • Life Safety Review and Opinion – IBC, NFPA, & Life Safety Compliance.  

Conceptual Cost Estimating 

Want to know how much your new construction or renovation will cost you before plans are even developed? ParsCo Cost Engineers can help. 


  • Provides early cost information to assist informed decision-making
  • Enables real-time “what-if” options analysis
  • Allows owners to accelerate the project due to quicker decision-making and less re-design 

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

While many companies may offer Building Information Modeling (BIM), ParsCo takes the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle to the next level by ensuring the model continues to work for you throughout the lifespan of the project.

Using BIM, we’ll create a model that shows visualizations, logistics planning, constructability analysis, clash detection and more. These visualizations allow the project team to communicate design intent in 3D instead of a flat 2D plan. Real time walkthroughs and simulations can realistically convey the look and feel of the new facility without breaking any walls!


  • Enhanced communication
  • Faster processes
  • Increased collaboration
  • Cost savings due to error reduction
Utilizing ParsCo on the front end of a construction project is the smart choice to ensure your projects success. 
For more information contact ParsCo at 850-696-7656 or email us at info@parscoconstruction.com
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