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Project Management Requires Building a culture of trust

Posted on by ParsCo Construction

ParsCo consultants don’t just bring a level of expertise to your organization that you might be lacking….they create a new culture of trust that increases productivity, efficiency, and the bottom line.  ParsCo strives to build an organization based on accountability, where everyone trusts each other. It’s not easy to do, but when you achieve it, everything moves faster within your firm and you gain a serious edge. Here are a few of ParsCo’s secrets on how they accomplish this goal:


 Keep your word. Build trust by living up to your commitments.  If you’re not accountable for what you say, people won’t follow. With low accountability, nothing gets done because no one trusts what you talked about. 


 Look inward. Accountability starts at home.  If you want others to be responsible, you have to be, too. If you aren’t, you’re just shifting blame. If you think the problem is out there, then that kind of thinking is the problem.  he said. Look in the mirror first. If you blame others, you can’t sustain trust.


 Be all-encompassing. Integrity isn’t just something you do. It has to be part of your being.  Your principles rule everything you do.  Integrity needs to be integral to who you are. You want people to say, ‘You have to understand we’re all held accountable here. It’s what the organization’s personality is.’


 Operate reliably. Be consistent in what you tell people and how you act. Explain why you want them to do something. They’ll learn they can trust what you say. If you consistently tell people the truth and why you are asking them to do something, they will do it and eventually will walk over hot coals for you. 


 Be clear. Goals for how to live by values should be no different than work goals.  They should be stated to everyone. Set out values and rewards  so people achieve results while in harmony with those principles. The key is making it explicit and real.


 Gain speed. When you have a culture of trust, everything moves faster. People don’t have to spend time checking on each other and wondering if they’ll deliver.  When you don’t have trust, speed goes down and costs go up.  There is a low-trust tax.


 Share negatives, too. Communicate bad news when it happens instead of hiding it. Own up to it, take responsibility and tell others how you plan to proceed to solve the problem in the future. People will follow a leader who has vision and who they trust. 


 Offer support. Once you’ve told people what you expect from them, give them the resources to do it. Then you should hold them accountable.  If they need two weeks for a project task and you give them only one, you can’t expect them to do the job as well as first planned, but be sure you set goals that are in line with what should be reasonable. You always want to be helping employees perform at a high level.  It’s unfair if you haven’t told them what to expect, what the goal is and given them the resources to make it happen. Setting goals and monitoring and following up to make sure they are achieved is essential for success by all good managers. 


 Follow your words. Build trust by doing what you say you will do. Too often there’s a wide gap between words and action. When there’s very little gap, that’s real integrity. 


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