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Quality Control

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During any construction process, one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the quality of the work being performed. ParsCo understands that in order to do this you must have a thorough understanding of the building process before you begin. ParsCo believes that this all starts on the first day that the project starts. ParsCo sets the tone for quality expectations by performing a preconstruction meeting with each trade on the site of the job before they begin work so that everyone can gain this understanding, learn what the work schedule will be like, and figure out any other issues that might need discussing. By understanding the building process ParsCo is able to make key scheduling arrangements to allow each trade to coordinate their work together to achieve a quality product. No shortcuts are allowed when it comes to achieving this goal.

The most critical aspect in quality control is to check on the work as it is being completed, to ensure that the project is meeting or exceeding your expectations and going according to plan.

Another critical item is to maintain a clean jobsite. When each trade takes pride in cleanliness it results in a higher quality project. That means daily cleanup, and cleaning of completed work as it is installed.

Lastly, ParsCo goes to great lengths to train and educate employees in the latest products and the required means and methods to use them. If the work is not completed in accordance to specifications and manufacturer recommendations this too can affect the overall quality.

These extra steps sometimes result in higher costs but in the end the pros outweigh the cons. The cost to redo, replace, or repair work that doesn't meet the quality requirements easily exceeds the additional steps and effort that ParsCo takes to ensure the end result is correct and meets everyones expectations.

After all, we all want the same thing… A project that we can all be proud to put our name on.

Call ParsCo today at 850-776-6265 for more information on how to make your next quality project a reality.

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