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Tropical Storm Hurricane Karen – Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida

Posted on by ParsCo Construction

ParsCo Construction is making preparations for storm damage remediation and re-construction efforts for the following cities:  Pensacola, FL & Mobile, AL.  All surrounding areas can be serviced by the ParsCo Disaster Response Team.  Contact us at 850-696-7696 for more info. 

ParsCo is prepared to perform at the highest standards in order to implement your mitigation plan that can form the foundation for a long-term strategy to reduce the uncertainty associated with disaster losses. ParsCo has had a very successful history with Developers, Insurance Firms, and Design Consultants as it relates to Hurricane and Insurance Claims.  The ParsCo Disaster Response Team Members have been involved in over $30 million dollars worth of disaster related claims and re-construction projects.  ParsCo understands the needs of our clients, especially when they have been affected by a natural disaster.  ParsCo addresses those times with a sense of urgency, providing our clients with lots of attention and the utmost responsiveness.  Time is of the essence, and a short delay in response can mean all the difference in construction costs, and the client’s ability to function as a business. 







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