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Construction & Core Capabilities

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ParsCo Construction connects professional services and core capabilities to provide the best design and construction experience from planning, to design, implementation and  maintenance.

Check out two of our featured partners below and learn about the services they provide.

Construction Partners Loftis Marine and Green Procedures Pensacola

John Loftis and Steve Black

Loftis Marine Division, Inc is a professional contractor focusing on both commercial and residential projects. The majority of their projects are docks, boathouses, seawalls and boat-lifts for waterfront properties.

Keystone Block Walls
Marinas & Commercial Projects
Pergolas & Pavers

Green Procedures Inc, designs, installs and maintains many of Northwest Florida’s most notable landscapes.

Landscape Maintenance Services
Landscape Enhancements
Landscape Design and Installation
Hardscape – Pavers and walls
Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
Sports Turf Care and Management
Hydro-seeding, Erosion Control and Drainage Work
Artificial Turf Design and Install
Beach Mouse Habitats and Dune Restoration

ParsCo is a certified general contracting company headquartered in Pensacola, Florida.  Our diverse portfolio  includes residential, commercial and federal construction services. Questions?  Contact Us

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